On the polish, pharmaceutical market we represent a dozen of polish and foreign producers and for many of them we are their only distributor.

    Our customers are the pharmaceutical and herbal wholesalers within the whole country.

    Not only do we offer them regular and fast deliveries, but also profitable (very extended) terms of payments, which undoubtedly makes the turnover of our assortment easier for them.

    In result of a resilient activity of our sale department our customers currently receive an updated offer and they are instantly informed of any of our novelties and promotions.

    Together with some of ours business partners we carry on various marketing actions of their products, such as nationwide, press and television advertisement campaign, as well as various kind of promotion activities in the wholesalers and pharmacy.

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Pafoscan-Farm s.j.

ul. Wyścigowa 58a
53-012 Wrocław, PL

tel. (+48 71) 798 37 40 do 49
fax (+48 71) 798 37 51

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